Cold Out There


All potteries in Mitchell County, NC are reporting snow today. We’ve been getting some weather lately, as they say, cold snaps and snow showers. Here we have the view from the back porch which over looks the creek, and on the other side we see the woodpile, stacked in the Mitchell County tradition and shielded from the four inches of fresh snow. Behind the wood pile the kiln pokes out, and there you see the patchwork chimney standing tall.

Getting ready for the firing, which means Friday and Saturday are kiln cleaning/prep days. Cold out there. Joy is bringing over pots to share the load, and a few pieces from a class I taught will be going in as well. I led an 8-week wheel throwing class at Arts Centered down the hill in Bakersville, and while most of the students’ work was fired in the reduction kiln there we brought a few pieces from each student up to fire in the wood kiln.

Loading on Sunday, lighting the fire sometime Monday night and then firing all day Tuesday until…..



~ by williambakerpottery on November 22, 2008.

One Response to “Cold Out There”

  1. Will, Good luck with the firing and keep up the excellent work.

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