Take A Hike

Photo by Joy Tanner

Photo by Joy Tanner

Recently finished up the little summer tour here in western North Carolina. After 3 “craft shows” on three straight weekends, plus a kiln firing somewhere in the middle, it was finally time to take a break. Joy and I snuck away for a quick trip into the surrounding backcountry. I am often reminded of what we take for granted right before our eyes, in this case the beautiful landscapes I live amongst. A quick trip down a country road, a few miles trek along the Appalachian Trail, and we found some beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. After dinner with a sunset view Joy snapped this shot of some of the wildlife. A rare species we guess must be the mountain hermit.

All in all the retail shows could have been worse. The attendance and sales were pretty slow, but between the three I came away with a little profit. Enough to carry on until the next show anyway. When the sales are slow I try to remind myself of the tales I’ve heard of the many potters who have gone before me. It helps a little to know I am not the first one struggling to find a market for “brown” pots out on the streets.


~ by williambakerpottery on August 9, 2008.

One Response to “Take A Hike”

  1. when i switched from reduction ware to salt glazed, the sales dropped but the loyal customers remained. when i switched from salt glazed to wood fired salt glazed the sales dropped even more but still the loyalists remained. the sales i had 4 or 5 years ago that i thought were mediocre i’d just about kill for now, we just hang tough and soon enough we’ll make it. your booth looks great by the way.

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